Make your pride political: join Rhythms of Resistance Toronto in the streets!!


Toronto is hosting world pride in 2014. RoR Toronto will be demonstrating, agitating & celebrating in the streets at the Queers For Social Justice (QFSJ) Night March, the Trans* March, & the Dyke March.

Join us!
March with us and/or tell us why your #prideispolitical and we’ll take your messages to the streets in our live, mobile spoken word installation!! Tweet why your #prideispolitical @RoRToronto or post your message on our Facebook.

Why our pride is political
Pride began as a grassroots political movement. We do have a lot to celebrate, but there is still reason to demonstrate. Queer Rights, like the rights of so many other marginalized & racialized communities are hard won, but too easily taken from us. Pride has been co-opted into a corporate party. We remember our radical roots. Pride is still political. We need to keep agitating to keep the power in our Queer communities. We must keep fighting!

  • Because 81 recognized countries still have laws criminalizing homosexuality
  • Because Queer youth are killing themselves
  • Because sexual orientation is one of the top three motivators for hate crimes in this country
  • Because transphobic and homophobic violence, murder & bullying are global phenomenons
  • Because of the criminalization of HIV+ people in this country – with over 130 of whom have been criminally prosecuted for failure to disclose status, regardless of risk of HIV transmission
  • Because the government is not investing in health care & harm reduction
  • Because “pinkwash” co-opts Queerness and obscures real social change
  • Because refugee discrimination based on country of origin & sexual orientation criminalizes our bodies
  • Because sex work is still a crime & sex workers still face violence
  • Because “corrective rape” of lesbians happened, is happening & will continue unless we speak out against sexual assault & gendered violence
  • Because the publicly-funded Catholic school system promotes prejudice & hate; opposing Gay-Straight Alliances, while hiding behind the guise of “religious freedom”
  • Because Canada is on STOLEN NATIVE LAND and colonialism continues to erase the histories and lived experiences of Indigenous and 2Spirited people
  • Because too few Queer spaces represent the diversity of our communities, instead they focus on the needs of gay, middle class, white and able-bodied, cis-gender, monosexual men
  • Because Pride is political! Stonewall was a riot! We remember our roots!

Come celebrate diversity & demonstrate why your #prideispolitical. March, strut, scream, sing, chant, roll & dance your way through our city’s streets. Take up space. Come share the truly awesome energy of thousands of Queers.

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter and remember to tell us why your #prideispolitical


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