Join RoR for Pride 2013 Events!

What: Rhythms Of Resistance will be demonstrating, agitating, celebrating, and gyrating in the streets at Pride!  RoR will be maching in the Queers For Social Justice (QFSJ) Night March, the Dyke March and the Trans March.

Come celebrate diversity and demonstrate your passions and your issues. March, strut, scream, sign, chant, roll and dance your way through city streets. Take up space. Take a stand. Come share the truly awesome energy of thousands of other Queers.

RoR will be wearing lavender (anything in the purple range is fine) Dress any way you like but we encourage marchers to consider this colour when making fashion choices for the marches. Why lavender? It is symbolic of the blend of the two gender binary colours of pink & blue.


The QFSJ Night March is Monday June 24, and starts at 9pm at Cawthra Square Park.  More info here.

The Trans March is on Friday June 28, and starts at 7:30pm at George Hislop Park.  Check out the facebook page here.

The Dyke March is on Saturday June 29, and starts at 1pm at Hayden and Church. Read more details here.

Why:  Pride began as a grassroots political movement. We have a lot to celebrate, but there is still reason to demonstrate. Pride has been co-opted into a corporate party event. But we remember our radical roots. Pride is still political. We need to keep agitating to keep the power in our Queer communities. Queer Rights, like the rights of so many other marginalized and racialized communities, are hard won, but too easily taken from us. We must keep fighting!

Because Queers are still fighting for control over our bodies, our sexuality, our lives.

Because sexual orientation is one of the top three motivators for hate crimes in this country.

Because transphobic and homophobic violence, murder, and bullying is still a global phenomenon.

Because Queer youth are killing themselves.

Because of the continued persecution of HIV+ people in this country, over 130 of whom have been criminally prosecuted for failure to disclose status when there was no real risk of HIV transmission.

Because our government is not investing in health care and harm reduction.

Because sex work is still a crime, and sex workers still face violence and are treated as criminals.

Because the publicly funded Catholic school system promotes prejudice and hate by opposing Gay-Straight Alliances, while hiding behind the guise of “religious freedom”.

Because our government glosses over austerity budgets and shameful legacy amongst First Nations with it’s conservative morality – using our “acceptance” as part of society to divert attention from the slow decimation of our rights.

Because every year Mayor Ford tries to hold Pride ransom with threats to withhold funding and support. Because freedom of speech is under attack at city council, and Pride is the main target.

Because Pride is political! Stonwall was a riot! We remember our roots!





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