Wanna See More Beats in the Streets? Support BAM! 2013


RoR needs to raise funds for the inaugural BAM! 2013 Convergence, bringing dozens of politically engaged street bands together to share skills and experience!

Take action by helping Rhythms of Resistance in August 2013!

On the weekend of August 23 – 25th, dozens of musicians and members of politically-engaged street bands from across North America will come to Toronto for the inaugural Bands Agitate and Mobilize! 2013. A convergence to share skills, strengthen community, create cross-border ties and use music to create change.

BAM!2013 will be a gathering space for attendees to participate in a weekend long series of workshops, skill-shares, facilitated discussion circles and caucuses; including…

  • Strategy sessions to develop and share tools/tactics for how to engage in struggles in our communities

  • Events to deepen our support for social movements locally, and across North America

  • Sessions to improve our musical practice, as well as sessions on tactical frivolity

  • Workshops on what it means to strive for “safer spaces” in our bands and activist collectives

  • Workshops on what it means to apply an anti-oppressive model to radical, street bands

…And, so much more!

Bringing other like-minded bands to Toronto is an amazing opportunity for us to learn and grow from the experiences of others. This will help us and others develop stronger links with our broader communities and contribute even more to social justice in in Southern Ontario, Quebec, and the United States.



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