When: Tuesday May 1st, 3:30pm
Where: meet on the steps of Old City Hall on the North East Corner of Bay and Queen Street

Why?: On this International Workers Day, May 1st, join tens of thousands of people across North America and millions across the planet as we take to the streets in the spirit of the 1886 Haymarket revolutionaries. Paid or unpaid, with or without status, we are joined by our struggles in the face of deepening austerity, white and cis/male supremacy, environmental destruction, imperialist wars and corporate greed. This May Day dance with Rhythms of Resistance in celebration of our diverse histories of grassroots struggle against oppression and exploitation! We demand:* JUSTICE for Undocumented People and Migrant Workers: STATUS FOR ALL! ACCESS WITHOUT FEAR!* JUSTICE for Our Communities: HUMAN RIGHTS and DIGNITY FOR ALL! DOWN WITH COLONIAL/CAPITALIST PATRIARCHY! DOWN WITH WHITE SUPREMACY, ABLEISM and HOMO/TRANSPHOBIA!* FREEDOM to Move, FREEDOM to Return, and FREEDOM to Stay!
* FREEDOM from Colonization, Military and Economic Wars, and Environmental Degradation!


What?: Rhythms of Resistance will be marching with our own carnival float and we will be bringing homemade shakers for you so you can play with us! Come to dance and shake with us in the streets – as we demand Status for All! Dress in fun carnival-esque costumes or wear something purple! Bring your friends, energy, and visions for a different world.
Join our carnival dancing bloc for May Day!

Let us know you are joining us or if you have any questions by emailing:
[If you are a dance troop and want to work with us more often to support social movements- please let us know!]

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