Want to Join Rhythms of Resistance Toronto?

You may have heard our purple percussion rhythms in a demonstration, or us busking on a street corner, chanting in a march, dancing in the street…Want to be part of Toronto’s social change soundtrack?

Who We Are:

Rhythms of Resistance Toronto is a political samba band that plays for environmental and social justice. We oppose all forms of oppression and use music to demonstrate our opposition and show solidarity with struggles for justice. We are a non-hierarchical collective that is queer positive, anti-colonial, feminist, anti-capitalist, against racism and ableism. We believe everyone is musical.  Using samba for social change and through our community norms we create the world we want to see.

Here’s a sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RKR1atTluCw#!

We’re looking for new members:

– who can come to our 3 hour practice once a week, in the Spadina/College St. area

– who are interested in playing for environmental and social justice and participating in social movement repertoires in Toronto (and elsewhere) – i.e. playing in rallies, marches, demonstrations, fundraisers and varied creative actions for change

– who are activists/community organizers that want to play music; or muscians that want to get more politically active…and anyone inbetween

Our next orientation for new folks will be:  Thursday October 6, 2011, 6-9pm

For details, please send a short email explaining why you want to get involved with RoR Toronto, at: rortoronto@gmail.com

Join Us …We Have Everything To Play For!


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