Activists Disrupt Toronto City Council Budget Meeting To Stop Cuts to Social Services

RoR Toronto joined a People’s Delegation to the Budget Committee February 10, 2011 in Toronto to Fight the Ford Cuts and demand city council not cut essential social services to the poor and immigrant communities.  While governments around the world are implementing devastating austerity measures ( cutting government budgets and removing social services), these same governments continue to give subsidies to devastating environmental and social projects.  We are starting to see the real costs of the bank bailouts and the influence and control of private interests on our governance system.  All levels of government, including Toronto’s council under the direction of Rob Ford are choosing to put people last.  Making refugee claimants and the homeless stay in motels instead of in shelters where they receive the essential support provided by trained shelter staff.  Privatizing sectors like garbage collection, which will mean less job security for workers and more exploitation of a flexible and temporary work force.  Just some examples of Rob Ford’s Toronto.

Find your local Toronto councillor’s contact here and tell them to stop bailing out the rich and then taking from the poor:


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